Birks Bike Shop

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Our collaboration with Birks Bike Shop is actually the continuation of a previous project with the owner of the store. We were part of the process from the very beginning, and we sure love to work with a blank sheet of paper. It gave us the opportunity to actually shape the visual identity based on the owner's vision for the company, without limitations caused by previous branding or already existing materials.

The business is basically a bike shop, selling and repairing bikes as you would expect. However, as opposed to other shops, Birks has chosen to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the shop, for those who would like to stick around and observe the process, or have a chat while their bike is being fixed.

To accomplish this, Birks Bike Shop combines a rustic, yet warm decor with exclusive import beverages, as well as fresh, hand-brewed coffee right there at the counter. The brewing process also fills the air with the amazing smell of fresh coffee, thus inciting the senses and contributing to the cozy atmosphere.

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Birks Bike Shop
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Logo and visual identity: 

As described above, coffee played a large part in the concept, so you can begin to form an idea regarding the choice of colour for the visual identity.

When designing the logo, we challenged ourselves to illustrate a bike (obviously), however our goal was to use shapes that are natural. This was achieved by using the golden ratio in order to create the shapes that feel familiar and while difficult to pinpoint, they create a subconscious connection to other well-known artworks and natural elements. 

Following the Birks Bike Shop project, we can also present the relevance of consistency in design. 

Be it the logo, the business cards, advertisement posters,  the website or other materials, all of them are represented using the same colours, fonts and styling. This is part of the branding process, as a business owner should strive to send a clear message to the customers, regardless of where they come in contact with the company. 

As it can be seen in the case of the business cards above, simplicity has been the  keyword in designing the website as well. 

It did not need to be more than a simple message, followed by images showcasing the shop, a map leading to the relevant location and of course, the contact details. 

The website was made easily editable, so the content can be modified without any issues, in case there are new materials that need to be showcased. 

Finally, in order to present the shop, we have assisted them with a promotional video that showcases the various services that a customer can expect to find at Birks, accompanied by some powerful music, so that those who are watching are tempted to go for a spin on a proper mountain-bike.