Nadias Sandwich

Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production
For Nadias Sandiwch, we have completed a large number of design tasks, as well as multiple exclusive photo shootings aimed at stimulating your taste and increasing their sales. See some of the projects below.

In 1999, the owners of Nadia's Sandwich, Pia and Adnan Jabr, took over the “Sandwich & Muffins” business, "Boulevarden" in Aalborg. Throughout the years, they have been providing the locals as well as tourists with a selection of amazing sandwiches, salads and more.

Since the early years, they have developed the brand - and thanks to hard work, good ingredients, and well targeted marketing, today there are a total of five sandwich shops in some of the busiest areas in entire Aalborg.

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Nadias Sandwich ApS

One of the larger tasks at Nadias Sandwich in Aalborg, has been redesigning the menus to match the new visual identity. This implied multiple photo shootings including all the sandwiches and items on the menu, so that all the images are up to standard and present the same level of quality to the customers. 

The menu has to be made with brand colours, fonts and similar photos, in order to maintain the consistency within the brand.  A lack of consistency can often deliver the wrong message and in some cases, even confuse the customers.

A similar situation arises with the advertisements on their screens in the different stores. Making sure that all new materials also match the existing visual identity is one of the reasons it’s useful to have a designer around.  

Another project delivered for Nadias Sandwich was the video below, presenting how they prepare the food in their production kitchen in Aalborg. It also shows the fact that they use organic raw materials and support animal welfare on farms. It is providing some insight into what is happening behind the scenes, in order to inform the customer of the origins of their meals, as well as show transparency and build trust in their product.  

When it comes to physical stores, it is important to unify the message transmitted by the inside and the outside of the store. You can do it through plain text, as you see above the entrance in the pictures below, but how much easier is it to recognize the colours, logos, fonts, a complete visual identity?

We helped Nadias Sandiwch in sending a consistent message expressed through their visual identity, both on the inside and the outside of their store on Østerågade. On the outside, this was done through the use of stickers, signage and posters in different sizes.