Sugar Cookie Lane

Food photography
What makes a product unique? When talking about cookies, the taste is important, of course, but even more important in this case is the story behind it and the experience that the customer gets from it. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship play a key role in Sugar Cookie Lane's products, offering their customers cookies that are more suitable for an Art Gallery than for your plate.

When it comes to photo shootings, the scripting and pre-production are key elements that differentiate a boring image from a unique one. We are not big fans of "point and shoot" techniques, and we believe that in order to achieve greatness, you have to follow an action plan.

For this particular shooting, it was really important to communicate the process, but also package it into a "magical" vibe, to create the feeling that the cookies come from a fairy tale. Also, the end result had to give a "hyggelig" feeling and illustrate the idea that the cookies will fit perfectly in a cozy living room next to your fluffy pillow and a cup of tea.

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Sugar Cookie Lane