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When it comes to hobbies and free time activities, El-Mas set out to cover the need for one of the most fun ones out there: Biking. The company sells bikes and bike accessories of various kinds, among other things and it needed a web shop to be able to make it easier for the customers to get what they need.

We also needed to present the suppliers, so that people know what it is they are buying. And for those that are familiar with this industry (read: those who are passionate about biking), the name of the suppliers can possibly say more about the products than the description.

The website design makes sure that all the relevant information is accessible at a glance and that it's very easy to add items to your cart in any view. For those looking for something specific, the various brands can be selected individually, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

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On the topic of digital design and graphic design, most projects start with a pleasant conversation, a cup of coffee and talking about the logo and visual identity.

In the case of El-Mas, the message had to be simple: bike parts. The logo design includes a very familiar element (the bike chain), so it is understandable for people who see it what we are talking about, without the visual identity being too “cluttered”. The business cards then follow the idea, still including the same elements of the visual identity. 

A slightly more tricky task to get right is designing a livery for a van that only just got launched and still manage to stick to the measurements and size specifications, despite not having the full technical drawing of the vehicle. 

The end result however is a very efficient way of using design in order to promote your business. In traffic, there are countless people that lay their eyes on your brand name, colors and visual identity over the course of time. 

If the design is simple and easily readable, it will have better results than something that takes a long time to read.